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Quick Banner Design
​This is a banner design which been done within 1h.

*only used as portfolio artwork that showcases expertise.
Poster Graphic Design (for social- media/marketing)
​A poster design. Potentially, this could be used as marketing graphic design or social-media content.
branding design
​PcSavvy is a retailer of personal computers, components, and electronics. They also offer services like helping consumer build their dreamed pc, which includes 24h free consulting, assembling, and shipping.
Branding/Packaging Design
​Weirdo Design & Production. This project contains one logo design and three packaging designs.
Cutie Generation Logo Design
A logo design for a cat supply store, they offer in-store purchases of food, treats, toys, litter, furniture, and cleaning service for kitties.
Covers Design
Exploring the shapes, colours, layout, and typography of the graphic design principles by using the design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
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